WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER ON YOUTUBE. SEARCH: TAP, LISTEN & LEARN Learn about the various emergency vehicles and hear their sounds!With the fun, entertaining and educational series of interactive tap, listen and learn-apps, children from the age of 1 can enjoy the beautiful pictures, and with a single tap on the screen hear the sounds of the sirens. Switch to narration and your pre-school child will also get useful information about all the emergency vehicles. The app include information about: tanker trucks, ladder trucks, crash tenders, fire helicopters, police cars, police vans, police armoured vehicles, water cannon trucks, police motorcycles, ambulances, ambulance cars, rescue helicopters, armoured personnel carriers, rescue boats, rescue and snowmobiles.SPECIAL FEATURES: Tap the screen and hear the sound of the sirens Fun and informative facts about 15 different vehicles in narration or read it yourself Beautiful photos of each vehicle Language learning: Switch between English, German or Danish narration in the menuOther apps in the Tap, listen & learn-series include: Wild Animals, Farm Animals and Diggers



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