WinRAR Archiver - Review & Download


As a developer, I have used WinRAR many times, and still do. It's a must have if your a developer like me or simply deal with large files and work on the computer. Winrar is one of the most downloaded programs to archive files for your computer. You can archive large to small files, with ease. With WinRAR, you can decompress files such as RAR, .zip and other files with ease downloaded from the internet. Winrar can be used to simply compress large files, which can be useful especially to attach via email or upload on file hosting websites if you want to share your content or files online. We believe WinRAR is a must have for especially for developers since many files downloaded on the internet are usually compressed using WinRAR. WinRAR comes in more languages now including in Arabic.


Winrar is a very lightweight program, using only a few megabytes of your computer space. It is available for 34 bit and 64 bit computers. Available for MacOS, Linux, Windows. It comes in multiple languages, now including Arabic. 

You can download winrar now from the official website, by clicking the link below.


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